This morning I read four different articles on paid content – three of which point to the future successs of the subscription model of content, and one which doesn’t – news.

American streaming website Hulu (which allows you to watch your favourite televisionprogrammes) has began making serious moves towards a $10 a month subscription plan. Exciting times for anyone looking forward to the launch of products like Google TV. Is our television package still going to be worth paying for with such cheap and accessible content available online?

Lovefilm has indicated the exciting future of web TV. With the high probability of having a browser embedded in all future TV’s, the company looks set to lead the way with a subscription based movie streaming service. A large part of their success comes from their loyal fan-base – 94% of users would recommend the service to a friend!

Finally, computer game streaming service OnLive has been receiving positive reviews from the first batch of gamers to try the service. Currently limited to PC gaming, OnLive allows you to hire and stream games over the internet instead of paying full price. The idea is for the service to come to the home television in the near future.

All of this seems to mark the start of the central home hub – a single box to stream and control all the media content into your home. Exciting times as we move into the cloud!

But, the Times newspaper website has suffered a fall in market share after forcing people to register before access. People are switching off and going to the competitors instead. I personally found myself facing the Times registration page earlier in the week and decided to direct my browsing elsewhere (after all – i know I’ll just have to pay soon). How much more will their market share drop when the paywall comes into full force.

This comes at a time when the latest ABC’s show that online news has enjoyed another significant period of growth.