The other day, whilst watching the BBC news, I was surprised that the Raoul Moat story was still rumbling on – almost 2 weeks after the man murdered one person and shot another.

It was slotted into the second place of the days main bulletin, narrowly being beaten by the oil spill. It seems that a few idiots had decided to declare Moat a legend and celebrate his stupid actions.

But what made this story even more sensational, and newsworthy, was the “Facebook angle”. Because this wave of public support was aided and abetted by the notorious Facebook (that website that lures foxes into your house and gives babies anthrax) the social networking site was pictured throughout the news bulletin – flashing up between pictures of misery and woe.

The website gets this all the time.

I just thought I’d whack “Facebook” into Google news and – hey presto – there it is. This time it’s the Guardian website (you see – they don’t know better) reporting that Raoul Moat’s brother is opposed to the Facebook fan page (great – I really needed to know that).

I also happened to flick through today’s Daily Mirror and found a whole page covering a horrific and brutal attack on some poor guy following an argument.

Of course – the description of the attack is not enough for the newspaper (this stuff, unfortunately, happens all the time). The argument had occured on Facebook – Bang! The Facebook angle! The evil social network even features in the headline.

The Sun is especially thorough in it’s campaign to smear Facebook with as much scandal as possible. In a quick search of the newspapers website -Facebook is connected to terrorism, child kidnap, murder, rape, harassment, child cruelty, infidelity and much much more.

In fairness I did find one story with a positive angle, about someone finding their father. But it really was just the one!

Of course, because the owner of the Sun is Rupert Murdoch – who owns rival social networking site MySpace – it would appear that the paper has a business agenda to push. And it doesn’t even try to disguise it!

A search for “Myspace” yields nothing but positive stories. Everything from the great music it hosts to it’s enormous growth and powerful campiagns for justice. My favourite is the story that runs ‘MYSPACE has banned 90,000 sex offenders from its site – but the pervs may be turning to rival Facebook.’

I’m not really surprised that Murdoch owned papers continually attack Facebook. But the fact that news organizations like the Guardian and the BBC seem to have followed the trend worries me. It is really no longer news that EVERYONE uses Facebook for hundreds of different things – even naughty things. Maybe we should give Facebook a break?