I always love it when I’m shown a new web tool – so I thought I’d share some of my discoveries of what the web can offer.

Of course – there are tonnes of free tools available. But this list is my own personal toolbox – so it is the stuff I consider to be the best out there.

This is a work in progress – so PLEASE comment and let me know any that you think should be added to the list!


Awesome Screenshot – Take a screenshot, then annote and edit it within the browser (Chrome Extension)

Error Level Analysis – Want to check if an image has been digitally edited – try this.

Tldr.it – Insert a link and this site will summarise the content into a few words.

Free OCR – OCR (Optical Character Recognition) will convert any image into text. Upload a PDF and download a word file. Works with large documents.


QRNote – Put a note online and generate a QR code – great for promotion or play.

Website Stuff

Future Message – Send yourself an email, tweet or text any time in the future. Perfect for reminding yourself about important dates.

Backlink Watch – Generate a web page report of the backlinks to a URL

Change Detection – If you follow a page that does not have an RSS feed then this service will notify you whenever the site changes with new content.

Trick.ly – Shorten a URL and then password protect it

Randomize List – Need to randomise a list? Whack it here.

Bulkr – Upload up to 200 photos to Flickr at the same time


All Our Ideas – Crowdsourcing solution for encouraging the voting, commenting and creation of new ideas.

Media Creation

One True Media – Mix your photo’s, video and music together using some cool themes.

Animoto – Create unique and professinal looking video clips using your own pictures, videos and sounds.


Sync.In – Realtime document conferencing. Collaborate without any sign in by sending a URL.

Google Shared Spaces – A variety of  applications that enables you to easily collaborate with others.

Screenr – Make a screencast by recording your desktop

Social Media

Booshaka – Find out what is trending on Facebook

SlideShare – Put your slides on the web – everyone loves a slideshow!

Audioboo – Upload and share sound files through a user profile – find regular uploaders to follow.

Delicious Social Bookmarking – The best way to bookmark pages with a single click (best used with a browser extension).

Trunk.ly – This bookmarking service allows you to search the websites you have saved – and it automatically saves every site you tweet or post on Facebook.

Dlvr.It – Synchronise your blog, website, news feed, delicious account with your Twitter, Facebook , LinkedIn account. Publish to everything with the click of a button.

Facebook Check – Put your Facebook ID or URL into this programme and it will tell you exactly what can be seen by others.

Yammer – Create a fully functional social network for your organisation.

Pearltrees – A great stylish and interactive way to present connections between media. Highly recommended!

FaceBook Wipe – Remove cluttering sidebars from FaceBook

Lanyrd – Never miss a conference with this site. Login with Twitter and it gives you a list of conferences your friends are attending – then you can add more.

Files and Storage

DocDroid – Upload, view and share any file format.

You Send It – Transfer files of up to 2 Gigabytes.

CloudSafe – Store personal details and access them on this secure website.

FileMinx – Convert image, sound, video and text files into whatever you need with this site.

Dropbox – Store, synchronise and share files online – a great collaboration tool and useful if you work from mulitple computers.

PDF Convertor – Create PDF’s easily.

CreatePDF – Create a PDF of a webpage

Time Saving Research Tools

Apture – Highlight text and open up a box with information from Wikipedia, YouTube and others.

Google & Android

Chrome to Phone – Send links, numbers or anything else from your browser to your Android mobile

GooReader – If you use Google Books regularly then this provides a nice bookshelf to view search results and an all round better reading experience

Google Map Storage – Download a Google map to your harddrive for offline access.

Data Tools

Text Mechanic – Paste text into a window and perform some text manipulation – lots of features including add a suffix/prefix to each line, search & remove and others.

Visualising Data

Simple Diagrams – Fun and easy way to create flow charts and mind maps.

Snappy Words the Visual Dictionary – Discover connections between words and concepts visually in a cool and sophisticated way.

Tagxedo – Design stylish word clouds. Like Wordle – but better. (Hint – when creating word clouds use Word to remove common words like ‘is’, ‘and’ etc).

Tagul – Another wordcloud generator with tonnes of features.

Tableau Public – A really powerful tool to create data visualisations that can easily be embedded into a website.

Show The World – Shows world information on an interactive map

Hohli – Use this site to make Venn diagrams.

Many Eyes – A powerful visualisation tool by IBM – features text analysing tools such as word tree, phrase net and tag cloud – loads of fun!

Guide to Visualization Methods – A periodic table of visualisation techniques.

How Big Really – Transpose things of scale onto a map to help comprehend size.

TimeToast – Easy to use time-line creator. You can embed this onto your blog by using VodPod and following the guide here.

Batch Geo – Map location data onto a Google Map – you can then put the map onto your blog.

Visual Thesaurus – An alternative visual way to seek out synonyms.

Bubbl.us – Create colourful and simple brainstorms and mindmaps and easily share them

Preceden -Timeline creator

Office Tools & Time Savers

WiseStamp – Design an email signature that can include your latest update on social networks.

Branded URL Shortener – A nice guide to acquiring your own branded shortened URL’s.

VoiceBase – Automatically transcribe spoken word to text.

Excel Help – Ask an expert your Excel problems and get an answer in about half an hour.

Google Doc’s – Google’s answer to Office keeps on getting better and better – and its great for sharing spreadsheets!

Notes For Later – Highlight text in your browser and then click on a button in your toolbar to send the highlighted text to your email. You can include a note, receive a time-stamp and open the text as a PDF.

StudioCloud – Free and award winning business management programme.

Happy CV– It’s always good to have an up to date CV – this makes it simple.

Resizer – If you need to upload images of a certain size – use this programme to do it quickly.

Jing -The quickest and easiest way to grab and share screen-shots.

Evernote – Capture every thought, link, image and anything else all in one place – then organise it and search your notes. Extremely useful and syns nicely with your phone.

Multiple URL Shortener – Furly lets you collect a group of links and turn them into one – useful for sending a collection of related links.

Art & Design

TypeTester – Test and compare fonts side by side.

3D Tin – Need to create a simple 3D image quickly? This will allow you to make a cube based image in no time.

Paint.net – The most powerful free image editing software.

Icon Editor – Does what it says on the tin. Design and edit your own icons for a personal feel.

Pixlr – A photoshop imitation that runs in your browser, has more features than Paint but not as user friendly.

Creately – Collaborate and generate beautiful diagrams using this product – it has loads of functions and a good interface.

Lucid Chart – Simple web based flowchart creator

Graphviz – Automate graphs

Search Tools

Searchopener – Run multiple searches at the same time.

Seek WP – Search Engine that will only find WordPress related pages.

Similar Site – Like a site? Enter it into this search and find similar sites (real useful for discovering new content).

MacroGlossa – Need to know what an image is? Upload a picture and MacroGlossa will find similar images to help you identify

BlogPulseIceRocket – Sophisticated and advanced blog search.

Board Reader – Great way to search forums.

Mimvi – A search engine for mobile phone app’s

Scribd – Explore millions of document, or upload your own.

Piq – Website that lets you design your own pixel based picture.

Touch Graph – Amazing tool that allows you to create a spiderweb of all the websites around a search term.

BlogPulseIceRocket – Sophisticated and advanced blog search.

Twitter Tools

If you’re not using Twitter yet – then start! Here are some of the tools I use:

Tweetdeck – The best way to organise your lists and keep up to date – a downloadable programme, and I challenge anyone to better it!

Backtweets – The best Twitter search engine that I can find.

Formulist – Easily organise people into lists.

Peerindex – Powerful tool for assessing social capital – gives tweeps lots of rankings and tells you the subjects they tweet about it.

Proxlet – This app for Google Chrome lets you filter your Twitter timeline to filter out automated messages or other things – pretty useful.

Timoim – DM people a link to open up a chat box. Can be public or private.

SiftLink – Create an RSS feed of links posted by your Twitter users – meaning you never miss a link.

http://packrati.us/ – Bookmark tweets on delicious

Remember The Milk – Use Twitter to send yourself reminders through this excellent task manager.

Tweepi – A way to follow large numbers of people quickly, get rid of people that don’t follow you back and reciprocate a follow (important hint – use the shift button to select everyone in a list at once).

Twuffer – Schedule a list of tweets and set a time for their delivery – great if you want to maintain a constant Twitter presence.

GroupTweet – Send a group direct message to every person in the group easily.

Guide to Auto-message – This guide shows you how to send an automatic message to anyone that tweets anything you specify.

TweetBeep – Receive email updates whenever a word or username is mentioned – you’ll never miss a tweet again!

Mr Tweet – Helps you find and engage with people in a network.

Listomatic – Best way to manage your Twitter lists that I can find.

Twitter Grader – Want to check how well you are doing with your Twitter presence? Get graded!

Tweet Stats – Graphs that tell you how often you tweet, what time and day you tweet the most often and more.

Row Feeder – Search for a keyword and track it in real time through Twitter using a Google doc’s spreadsheet. (Limited free usage)

Paper.Li – Organise links shared on Twitter into a newspaper style format – the most commonly tweeted links around a topic are highlighted.

News Sites And Aggregators

Yahoo Pipes – A tool with a ridiculous amount of possibilities – hack RSS feeds together, filter them and manipulate them. Takes a little while to learn but worth it.

Google Reader – Follow your favourite websites and group them into categories – the best RSS reader (in my opinion anyway).

Google New – Well presented widgets giving the latest news about Google products

Prldr – An RSS reader that displays the webpage in the right hand of the screen and the feed in the left – pretty useful.


TED – The number one source for inspirational talks from the worlds best thinkers

Talk Miner – Search this website to easily find lectures

MyYouTube – This Adobe product lets you store and organise YouTube videos. Create playlists and search through your collection

YouTube Proxy – Access Youtube and other sites when using a restricted computer

YouTube Social – Watch a video at the same time as other people.

YouTube Leanback – Use this to sit back and watch a stream of high def full screen videos.

Google Beat – Watch a video from Google showing what the latest most popular search terms and trends are.

TubeMote – Use your smart phone as a YouTube remote control

Turntubelist – Create YouTube music playlists, cross fade them and explore other mixes.

Oli Conner