I really like the TellYouGov service which allows its members to express an opinion on anything they like, whenever they like.

I particularly like the way a member can use Twitter to express a sentiment – as long as it is formatted in a way that TellYouGov can understand (using #tellyougov).

However, what I think is its main limitation is that only YouGov members can express themselves through it.

It made me think that what is needed is a Twitter convention for expressing sentiment. Something like TellYouGov – but simpler and more open to everyone.

So – if I like Nike for whatever reason, I can tweet: “#op+ Nike – really comfy footwear”. In this “#op” stands for opinion and the “+” indicates positive sentiment and a “-” would indicate negative sentiment.

If it caught on then it would make Twitter analysis much more reliable than the current methods. Any thoughts…?