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After an enjoyable evening at the Watershed I thought I would use the event to experiment with Storify.

Check it our here



With such an abundance of information flying at us from around the web, the role of the curator is becoming increasingly important.

A curator is responsible for helping a clear narrative emerge from all the noise. They find the important parts and pull them together to create a compelling experience.

As blogging platforms have evolved they have increasingly  helped willing curators easily save and present content, allowing them to create highly engaging content for their readers.

Tumblr in particular has recently blossomed as a curating platform.

The easy to use blogging platform has attracted some of the top news organisations. They are finding content from across the web and using Tumblr to create an informal, human and social ‘scrapbook’ (Newsweek and TotalFilm are two excellent examples).

Storify is the next step in the evolution of blogging platforms.

Designed to enable curators to pull what people post on social networks into a compelling story – it allows a user to seamlessly pull video, photos or tweets into a single Storify story.

After playing around with it my initial thoughts are that it would be excellent for creating a story on any event that is being tweeted.

A curator can watch an event unfold on Twitter (by simply following a hashtag from within Storify) and drag and drop noteworthy tweets into a Storify story.

They can add text comments at any point, easily input any relevant links/images/videos/updates, give the story a headline and summary, and then embed the story on a website.

It is quick, easy and intuitive (key ingredients for any popular publishing platform) and destined for large scale adoption.

ReadWriteWeb have already demonstrated its potential by publishing an interview with Twitter founder Evan Williams.

For more excellent examples check out the Storify blog. And to gain access to the beta use this code TCDISRUPT