The amount you can fit into the 140 character limit of a tweet has just had a significant increase. Popular link sharing website has began to offer a way to send multiple links as one shortened URL – Bundles. aren’t the first company to do this – I’ve been using for some time to send multiple links – but they are the first ‘big’ brand to do so. And I hope they are the ones to help it really catch on.

As you would expect, the process is refined. You can arrange the links in your bundle, add notes, descriptions and headings, share your bundle and then start a conversation.

I have always been surprised that more people don’t tweet multiple URL’s. The possibilities are endless and it is a brilliant way to tell a story.

You could:

  • Collect a series of related Youtube videos
  • Show all the links in an internet debate or controversy
  • Tweet your morning reading to your followers
  • Show off your favourite sites
  • Give all the perspectives in an argument
  • Collect a series of training materials

Can you think of any more?

One feature that I would love to see is the ability to automatically create a bundle from al the links I have open in my browser.

( Bundle is part of my Web 2.0 Toolbox)