I can’t help but feel slightly uncomfortable about the new advertising campaign by Coca-cola.

Teaming up with Google AdMob (the advertising arm of Google), Coca-cola have released an interactive wallpaper for smart phones that turns your device into a branded snow globe.

Of course, the only people that will have it on their phones will be people that choose to download it from the marketplace.

However, what I find troubling about this home-screen takeover is that this could be the start of a new intrusive advertising trend by Google.

As Greg Sterling, principal at Sterling Market Intelligence, has said ‘iPhone probably wouldn’t do this homescreen takeover’.

Is this going to be the next step in Google’s advertising campaign?

Might Google allow a sponsor to advertise on home-screens without asking people their permission first?

And with the new Google operating system just around the corner, will adverts become part of our web-based desktop?

I don’t think the answer will be yes. Not straight away anyway. Google know that they can go up to the limit but shouldn’t ever cross the line.