QWiki is a new search engine with a major wow factor. Enter a search term and a computer generated female voice talks you through an interactive and media rich journey. When you hear the voice say something particularly interesting you can click on any part of the interactive guide to explore that further.

The entire process is done automatically – pulling bits of data from around the web and curating it into an interactive story.

The guys at Silicon Valley are saying that this is the next big thing in search – and it is easy to see why. The site could easily mark a new era of human-information relations.

At the moment the search terms are a little bit limited (by limited I mean pretty much everything on Wikipedia), but eventually every person will have their own Qwiki – even you (beats a business card).

At the moment the search terms are quite static and do not include the latest news on a topic. But this will undoubtedly be fixed shortly, meaning that QWiki enters the world of news curation, with the added bonus of an automated newsreader.

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