Yahoo recently announced that they would be axing a whole bunch of their web services, which may include social bookmarking service Delicious.

Social bookmarking is a way to easily store, manage and search through all those links you find on the internet. Delicious is one of the best and most popular services that provides this service, and was the first to pioneer ‘tagging’ of bookmarks.

The ‘social’ side of Delicious is that people can see the links that you bookmark. I follow the Delicious account of quite a few different people who bookmark links that I find interesting.

But with Delicious under threat of extinction, a new player is needed to pick up the social bookmarking crown. is social bookmarking evolved. It allows you to search all of the links in your bookmark collection, heralding the age of the ‘personal search engine‘.

The key feature is the fact that you do not have to actually do anything to make a bookmark (unlike with Delicious). You simply connect via Twitter and Facebook, and then every link you ever tweet or put up on your wall is saved as a bookmark. This makes bookmarking an invisible process, something which could become a very important time-saving feature.

The next really cool feature is that it can ‘mine’ RSS feeds for links. For example, you can connect the RSS feed of any blog that you want to follow and Trunk.Ly will both add every new post on that site to your bookmarks AND every link that is mentioned within that post! You can also sync the site with Google Reader.

So, let’s say you read a post about a recipe that contained carrots, but you can’t remember where you read it. Now you can search your bookmarks and easily find it!

Socially, the site could be massive. On the website you can add other users that you are friends with on Twitter and follow their bookmark stream.