QR (short for quick response) codes are 2D bar-codes that can be read by smart phones which then process information – either taking you to a website, making a phonecall, sending a v-card and more.

QR Note is a website that makes creating a QR code and website really easy. Visit the website, design your webpage and print a QR code.

QR codes are used in marketing to create an interactive and fun way to get people through doors. Scavenger hunts using QR codes have proven successful – companies can provide clues that lead to real locations where QR codes can give points or discounts.

Other uses for QR codes include business cards (one barcode instead of all your social network addresses), labels that provide further information (art galleries, wine lists etc) and discount promotions. They can even be personalised (like the BBC QR code above).

Outside of marketing they can be used for more subversive ends. For example:

  • QR codes can be stuck on adverts of unethical companies, redirecting people to a protest website.
  • QR Note enables you to password protect QR codes, meaning your message can be protected against unwanted attention.
  • Networking during protests can be improved via the business card usage outlined above.
  • Also, a QR code card can be handed out at events, directing attendees to the events website.
  • A QR code can link to a location on Google Maps.