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This infographic demonstrates how understanding the scale of involvement in social media can help distinguish and categorise different social networking systems.


In such a short space of time, technology and the internet has spread into previously unimaginable areas. But where next?

I found this list over at the TED conversation page from a guy called Christophe Cop.

* Social control networks
* Community to virtual countries with parallel tax and income systems
* verbal interaction with pc
* A complete documented systems of virtual layers worldwide, with virtual objects &c.
* Deep democracy systems
* Open data (& visualisation) everywhere
* Brain connections with the cloud
* Rewiring and re-shaping of the real-world with those tools
* Meeting places where groups of people go online together (instead of individuals coming together online)
* AI- life coach
* Biomonitoring
* More sensors connected to the cloud
* (free), open and smart integrating and commutating systems for everybody to use according to personal needs and demands.
* more Alternate reality games (like Urgent Evoke, but improved)
* personal virtual aura’s

The problem with robots is that they only do what they are told to do by us humans. We invent programing languages, give them instructions, and they usually go off and do exactly what we tell them.

Not for much longer. A team in Australia has taught robots, called LingoDroids, how to use and invent spoken language. These LingoDroids move about on three wheels and map their surrounding area. After they discover a new area, they use a range of syllables to give it a name. They then go around finding other LingoDroids and, using their microphone and speakers, tell each other about the area they have mapped.

Pretty basic stuff, but a landmark event nonetheless. Language remains one of humanities deepest mysteries, and the question of where humans get the ability to acquire language is a subject that provokes massive debate.

The researchers hope that it will not be long before the robots are able to communicate with humans