In such a short space of time, technology and the internet has spread into previously unimaginable areas. But where next?

I found this list over at the TED conversation page from a guy called Christophe Cop.

* Social control networks
* Community to virtual countries with parallel tax and income systems
* verbal interaction with pc
* A complete documented systems of virtual layers worldwide, with virtual objects &c.
* Deep democracy systems
* Open data (& visualisation) everywhere
* Brain connections with the cloud
* Rewiring and re-shaping of the real-world with those tools
* Meeting places where groups of people go online together (instead of individuals coming together online)
* AI- life coach
* Biomonitoring
* More sensors connected to the cloud
* (free), open and smart integrating and commutating systems for everybody to use according to personal needs and demands.
* more Alternate reality games (like Urgent Evoke, but improved)
* personal virtual aura’s