The front page of both the UK Times and the US Wall Street Journal newspapers were dominated yesterday by a picture of Steve Jobs presenting the new Apple iPad 2. Quite a surprising front page story when you consider that even hardcore Apple enthusiasts were underwhelmed by the upgraded features of the next generation iPad. 

Headline news for tech websites, sure, but surely the civil war in Libya is more worthy of these newspaper readers attention? You can’t imagine a new Google phone or a new game controller from Microsoft dominating the front page – so why Apple?

Of course, the reason that the Apple presentation recieved such amazing coverage is because they are business partners with Rupert Murdoch, whose company News Corp owns both newspapers.

Jobs and Murdoch have recently embarked on their joint venture ‘The Daily’ – a digital newspaper available on the iPad for a subscription fee.

As newspaper readership is falling, and everybody is set to emigrate to a tablet computer, it is only natural that Murdoch would do everything in his power to ensure people buy the right kind of tablet – ie one that is bundled with lots of his content.